Personal Health Intiative Training

Shoes, Check, Trainer Check!

This weekend has been a very productive one thus far. Yesterday, I went to my new trainer, Kelley Curtis at Fitness, Body and Balance Studio. My two additional training days with her are Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The great thing is that I will be training with another competitor in what they call a buddy workout. This will really help with motivation. We reviewed my current food logs which I am pretty good about keeping track of. We set the percentages of carbs, protein, and fat that I need eat each day. It looks like I need to cut down my fat intake, lower my protein a little and lower my carbs a bit. I am using a new online food log program which is great! MyFitnessPal. I am not at the crazy diet part just yet but these prep stages will help me prepare. I am allowed to have a LITTLE cheat once per week but I intend to keep it a “clean” cheat. For example, I will have frozen yogurt on Saturdays. In January we will start the first stage of hell! Lol! I call it that because that is what it is going to be. It will be very interesting.

This afternoon I purchased my shoes! Yay! They are 5 inch clear heels with straps by Pleaser. (I still am tripping off some of the websites that are out there to purchase the shoes from…let’s just say they are targeted toward a certain profession that does a lot of entertaining at bachelor parties. LOL). I ordered them from Amazon because they were offering a 10% discount. (I am preparing for this competition on a budget!). I needed straps because I don’t want to slip out of my shoes in the middle of a turn! The next purchase will be my suit. We will see how that turns out! I know that I want a red suit, and the trainer said that a bright color would look better on me. I also have to get this whole tanning thing down. (Yes, Black people still have to tan for a competition! It makes your skin glow on the stage). I seriously doubt I will do a tanning bed. I am going to investigate spray tan companies and will experiment well before the competition. So I am giving up a lot of things in my life right now to prepare for this competition. The money I spend on getting my hair done will go towards my suit and the trainer. The money I spend on getting my nails done will go towards my tan and accessories. It is worth it. I don’t even really see it as a sacrifice because those things are not necessities in life, just desires. My desire for doing my very best is much more important to me right now.

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