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Four Things Competing Has Taught Me About Life

The decision to become a competitor in any sport is a serious one that teaches a lot of lessons about life. Not only are you competing against other people who are just as talented and committed as you; you are competing against yourself. In order to be successful you have to take the process full on and accept all that comes with it. I would say good and bad, but the bad is only “bad” if you allow it to be that way in your life. Competitions can either set you free or they can cause you to reevaluate your decisions. As for myself, it has been a freeing experience and I have learned some very valuable life lessons that I can apply to all areas of my life:

1. Not everyone will support you. Sure, you think you are doing the greatest thing in the world. You get up at 4am in the morning, you stick to your diet, you workout faithfully, and  you still find time to be there for everyone; however, not all of your friends and family will understand or support the process. You have to understand that it is not their responsibility to make life easier for you. They are not competing…you are. So instead of blaming everyone else, you have to just listen to them and know that they don’t see the process the way you see it. As long as you don’t allow them to distract you…just take the comments and move on. Don’t be mad about what you can’t change.

2. You can’t halfway be in it. You have to go all in or nothing. First of all, you don’t want to embarrass yourself and second, you won’t be successful if you are not committed. People at the top don’t get there by being lazy.

3. If you have the desire, you can do it! There is a reason why you have a desire to do something. Not everyone wakes up and says, “I want to compete in a bodybuilding competition.” So take the nudging as life’s way of telling you to get off your butt and do it!

4. One day at a time…change takes time. We can’t predict how long but what we can predict is that eventually change will come. It is up to you stick with it.

After the Competition…

With my trainer, Kelly Curtis, after the show.

It has been a while since I posted. Mainly because I was extremely busy in the last couple of weeks of competition prep and work has me busy as well. Today I am taking time after my Saturday morning clean-up to share my experience with competing. First of all, I have to say that it was so much fun!! I enjoyed it so much that I am already preparing for my next show which will be on July 28th. I am also going to compete in a different class. (More on that later). :). All I am going to say is watch out world! LOL! The past few months have really been soooo amazing. I have done things that I never would have imagined I could do in my wildest dreams. Getting up on that stage is like nothing I have ever experienced. Yes, I was nervous. I was so nervous when I was standing behind that curtain and the MC called my name. But once my foot hit the other side, I did all of the things that I learned in practice with my trainer Kelly and from all of the videos I watched.

I loved it. I met some really great women that night. These women worked very hard to get to where they are…some had children (I could not imagine prepping and having to deal with children! They really taught me a lesson!), some were older, and some were young. It is just great to meet people from all over the country who are really into fitness and who love pushing themselves beyond the norm.

With Rishawn, the fabulous winner!

I won 4th place in my class (Tall Figure Open)! I never would have thought I would actually place in my first show. I placed 4th out of 8 women. Only the top 5 were given awards. After the show, I sought feedback from the judges. They all said that I looked really great and should work on my posing. They also noted that I was extremely lean and too lean for figure. Two of the judges told me that I should try to compete in the bodybuilding class because my physique and condition are suitable for that class. I had the pleasure of talking to Penny Ruff and she really encouraged me to do bodybuilding and/or Ms. Fit Body. She said that I could go really far and is providing me with help! I can’t even express my thankfulness and joy enough. This woman is a WNBF pro and is taking time to help little ole me!

It has been quite a journey and I know that I am just at the beginning. You never know where life may take you. God knows I never thought I would be doing this but I have learned that sometimes life leads you to an unexpected place!! If you are open and willing to learn, grow, and ask questions, the sky is the limit! Don’t limit yourself or set your standards by what other people think is right and wrong. If you want something, go for it!!

The winners!!

I went from this in 2007 to figure competing in 2012!!! ALL things are possible.

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