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Whew! Today was a tough one. I was tired when I woke up but managed to pump myself up to go to the gym this morning. The workday went by smoothly and I went to spin class in the evening. (If you are looking for an intense cardio workout, spin class is a great option. It is always a challenge and the music and atmosphere really get you going. It makes your legs look great and burns fat. I have noticed a significant difference in my body after doing spin class for four weeks at least twice a week).

I am starting to dislike grocery shopping because it is like one big source of temptation! Have you ever thought about why they place the bakery and deli in the front of the store? Think about it, Food Lion, Kroger, Publix, Wal-mart. The next time you go, pay attention to where it is. (One exception might be Sam’s Club but they are so big and have other items besides groceries.) All those yummy smells entice you to buy food you don’t need and of course they are fattening, fried, sugary foods. The smell hits you as soon as you walk in. Then, in front of you right in the middle are the junk foods…easy access, packaged, processed foods. You have to walk a little bit further towards the BACK of the store to get to the fresh produce section and the natural foods section. I’m telling you, there is a strategy to this thing. You have to go in there with a game plan or else you’ll find yourself faltering.

Speaking of game plans, I had to come up with some new strategies to combat the thoughts of junk food and to prevent myself from eating when I am not hungry. I had a moment this morning and I almost went back to the fridge for something I was not supposed to have. I caught myself and asked myself if I was really hungry. I wasn’t, I just do that out of habit sometimes. You have to stop doing the same things and expecting different results! It just ain’t going to happen. Put the donuts down! Don’t keep going through the cycle of eating and feeling guilty and then trying to justify why you just ate a whole bunch of crap. If you keep saying, “I just have to have cake,” then you will keep eating it. So anyway, here are the strategies I use to stop the cycle of eating crap then feeling guilty.

When you get a craving try to:

Look at your before picture. (If you have one). Now this can go both ways. If it is a thinner picture, use it for motivation. If it is a bigger picture, use it for motivation.

Ask yourself, “Am I really hungry or is this an emotional thing?” Wait five minutes and see how you feel after that.

Go clean up…vacum, wash the dishes, fold the clothes.

Go for a walk.

Read a book. Maybe taking your mind off of food and focusing on something else will help. The television may be a source that triggers your cravings…

Look at a magazine. (Pictures of people who are in shape should inspire you).

Create affirmations to read when you need some inspiration.

Eat cucumbers, celery, sugar-free Jell-O, drink water or herbal tea, chew some sugar-free gum ( I think I am the sole source of funding for Trident, Dentyne, and Extra!)

Be strong! You can do it as long as you have a game plan!

“Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us.”
-Peter De Vries

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