Personal Health Intiative Training

Birthday Week

Today was a pretty good day I must say. I woke up before the alarm, got dressed and hit the gym. I even got there earlier than usual which is great! I had plenty of time to do my weight training, ab circuit and cardio. I am determined this week to get everything in. It’s my birthday week. One of my presents to myself will be going hard at the gym and sticking to my meal plans faithfully. I also want to buy myself a pull-up bar to attach to the bedroom door. I’m going to be practicing everyday. I really want to be able to do pull-ups without any help! I think this is the epitome of physical strength in a woman. If you can do a pull-up, unassisted, you are strong. My third gift will be an ice cream maker. (I’m tired of making protein ice cream by shaking up the bag. It takes too long).

I will be 31 on Saturday. Anytime your birthday rolls around you always do a self-examination to see where you are at in your life. I think I’m doing pretty good. I am definitely more aware than I was at 21. I am more free, more confident, more goal-driven and more determined to do what I want to do. That is what this year is all about…doing what I desire to do. I’m sure 31 will be a fabulous year!


Here is my workout for today:


Seated Row and Lateral Dumbbell Raise

Pull Down (Wide Grip, Close Grip Palms Facing Forward, Close Grip Palms Facing Outward) and Seated Rear Lateral Raise

Side and Front Dumbbell Lateral Raise and Calf Raises on Strength Machine

T-Bar Row and Calf Presses on Leg Press Machine

Ab Circuit x 3

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Crunch on Ball Holding Medicine Ball

Mason Twists

Plank With Knee Lifts


AM: 20 minute intervals on the elliptical

PM: Spin Class

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