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Super Soul Day

Today is “Super Soul Sunday” on the OWN channel. I have literally been sitting on the couch all day watching various inspirational shows on Oprah. I did my regular Sunday workout and picked up a few fruits and vegetables from Wal-Mart. The after hours door at the gym I usually go to has not been working for the past two days so I ended up having to drive to another location. Side note*: This is a little irritating when you already have to fight to drag yourself to the gym. Anywhoo, I drove to the other gym, made a few alterations in my routine and had an excellent workout. (Maybe it was because I was mad about having to drive to a different location and I took it out on the weights and the treadmill!).

Back to Oprah. I felt like I had an entire day full of inspiration. The first show that came on discussed a guy on a quest to understand why he was able to sense and see things that most people could not. He never told anyone until he met his girlfriend. She was of course skeptical but tried to understand. The man in the show visited many different places of worship. He visited a Christian church, a monastery, a psychic, a new age center, the home of a Native American family and I can’t remember the other places. In his journey, he decided that we all are basically the same and have the same desires and needs….he decided that he was happy with himself.

The other shows that came on were Oprah’s master class shows which is basically a series that teaches different life lessons. On one show, Jim Carey talked about how he envisioned himself to be successful. He decided what he was going to do and always kept that at the forefront of his actions. He didn’t just wish it would happen, he acted in ways that would make it happen. On a separate show, Oprah talked about the time when Ellen DeGeneres visited her show and revealed she was a lesbian. The premise of this show was learning how to be your authentic self. A quote that I will never forget is, “If you are hiding something, you will never become all that you were meant to be.” Very applicable to any situation.

Last week was a very rough week at work and by the end of the week I just felt exhausted and discouraged. My workouts seemed extra hard, I felt tired everyday, and I felt frustrated with other people’s actions at work. It just seems like as I get more into my training, nutrition, and goals, the more negative things happen in other areas. Today was a regenerative day, not physically but mentally. I needed this Super Soul Sunday. This journey is so much more mental than it is physical. I can do all the training I want but if I don’t believe I can do it, then it won’t happen. I have to learn how to control my emotions, sacrifice a little bit (maybe a lot) and keep going in spite of what happens around me.

There was a reason I decided to watch the OWN channel today because I don’t make it a habit. During my television fest I also planned my workouts for the entire week. I normally write my workout the day before or always rush around to get it done. I forced myself to do it. Yes, it took a very long time but I was able to see everything at one time and get the plan more specific to my goals. I incorporated specific exercises to work on my weak areas and created detailed cardio plans. This will help me to ensure I do everything I need to in order to make PROGRESS. That is what we all want but sometimes we keep doing the same things haphazardly not seeing the errors we make. This helped me to look at the big picture and adjust accordingly. I also cooked a few meals during this time and read some nutrition and training articles.

I don’t know what lies ahead of me this week. My days prove to be pretty unpredictable lately but I do know how to handle anything that comes my way. I can do it, and whatever your goal is, you can do it too. You just have to believe, work hard and persist despite what goes on in the world.

All you need is the faith of a mustard seed…that’s not much at all. 🙂 

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