Personal Health Intiative Training

The Road to Iron Eagle

This is one of the hardest things I have ever done BUT it is also the most rewarding thing I have EVER done! I am learning some very important life lessons along the way!

Seek and ye shall find…

If you want information, you have to ask questions. There is a lot of advice on the internet but it is better to connect with a person and ask questions. I have contacted several competitors, not all of them have responded to me, but most of them have. I received some much-needed advice about how to prepare for this journey I am on. I think some of the best advice that I got was to have a PLAN. Not just a plan but a plan b, and plan c. I asked people at the gym who directed me to trainers and places to get my competition suit from. If I never would have asked, I would never know!

If it can go wrong, it will!

It is so funny to me that as soon as I started training for my competition, things happened. The gym I go to is going through some MAJOR changes. When I signed up, I signed up with the understanding that I could attend various locations. This was back in March. This week, I see a sign on the door that states, “all members who signed up at (a specific location), can no longer use any other location!” I am extremely mad about this! First of all, I signed a contract that allowed me to use ALL of the locations. Second, the only reason I signed up at that location was because it was on my way home. If I would have known this would happen, then I would have signed up somewhere else. You better believe I am going to go up to that gym and harass the manager until I get an answer! I am not paying them money every month to deal with this. Either they are going to cancel my contract or transfer it. Anybody know a lawyer…? Lol! So, right when I am getting into my groove of training, I have to deal with this crap. But I’m not going to let it stop me. I will adapt and continue on. Also, my workplace wants to have all of these meetings and programs after my work hours and this is cutting into my workout time. So to adjust, I do my 2nd session at lunch or just workout later. You can’t let these things stop you!!

You have to be cocky…

I’m sorry but being timid and not having confidence in your ability, will not get you up on that competition stage! I am not a boastful or prideful person but I have learned to develop my inner confidence. People sense when you are not sure of yourself and why should you not be? I used to be 224 lbs! I think I deserve to be self-assured of my ability and tenacity to do this thing. It’s okay to feel sexy and happy and to love yourself! If you work hard, work smart, and look good, be proud of it! You have to practice this early because the judges and the crowd want to know that you know you worked hard enough and deserve to be there. When you exude confidence, you have freedom!

Pay attention…

My body is not your body. You might be able to eat 400 grams of carbs a day and I can only eat 100 grams to keep a lean figure. I might be able to do less cardio and you might have to suffer on the treadmill for an hour a day. I might put on muscle with ease and you might struggle. I have to pay attention to how my body reacts to food and training. I notice when I get bloated, what makes me lose fat, and when I am tired. You have to pay attention to the little things. You don’t get in peak condition by haphazardly training and eating. This is an art form and it requires specific techniques to get results. Not easy at all!

People don’t change…

If a person never supported you from the beginning, they won’t support you when you decide to outstanding things, like train for a figure competition. Sometimes people get jealous or they secretly want you to fail. People who make sarcastic remarks are actually trying to hide the way they really feel about you. Others will be excited for you and they will help and encourage you in your endeavor. I recommend that if you ever decide to train for a figure or bikini competition, that you be very selective in who you share your goal with. Don’t expect everyone to support you. But the good thing is that the people who count will ALWAYS support you, and that is what I have found. I am fortunate to have a boyfriend who supports and helps me and friends who do as well. I don’t talk about this with anyone other than the people I know who care and those who wish to read my blog.

Say NO to negativity

People, television, music, books, magazines, Facebook, internet, family, EVERYTHING. If it is negative, get it OUT OF YOUR LIFE. If you leave that person, or thing feeling drained and negative, leave them or it alone. It is not worth it. Being on a restricted diet and training twice a day is hard enough as it is. You don’t need negativity in your life. You have to be selfish with your space and who you share your time with. Don’t let other things drag you down because it will follow you all the way up to competition day. I refuse to allow this to happen to me. I ain’t got time for drama. 🙂

So I am off to continue on my journey!

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