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It’s official

It’s official. I have committed to competing in a show in March. No, I have not signed any papers, paid any money or anything of that nature. I am committed mentally. Anyone who is willing to stand on stage in front of a crowd of strangers in 5 inch heels basically half-naked must be committed right…Lol! No one wants to get up on that stage and embarrass themselves. So, in order to be ready it takes A LOT of dedication. Your body does not get tight and buff from eating ice cream and chips. The diet must be extra clean and the workouts have to be consistent and on point.

5 inch heels it will take 5 months to learn to walk in!

This week I turned down a slice of birthday cake, movie theatre popcorn, bread sticks at Olive Garden, spinach dip and bread, chocolate candy and I can’t even remember what else. Just thinking about it is annoying. While everyone else is chomping down on their favorite treats I will be envisioning myself up on that stage in March. I have been to a bodybuilding and figure show in the past and seen some people who should not have gotten up on that stage!I refuse to be one of those people. I’m not going to be the girl who gets up there and thinks, “Man I only gave 95% to this…I should have done more.” I am not going to have any regrets or should’ve would’ve, could’ve moments.

I have called a trainer and will meet with her tomorrow after work. Together we will assess my current state and within the next 5 months get my mind and body to its peak condition. My motto at work will be “If I did not pack it in my cooler, I will not eat it.” All those free lunches and snacks at work will just have to wait until after March before I can indulge in them. I will have to get used to telling people, “no, thank you.” I also have to prepare for a little criticism as that tends to happen when you are focused on a goal that most people don’t understand. I will live vicariously through the Food Network and dream about all those sweet treats I used to be able to eat! LoL!

Bling, Bling Suit

I have already started cleaning up my diet and buying and keeping a few staple foods in stock for easy access. I prepare my foods on Sunday and pack my lunch and snacks the night before. Here are some of the foods I will be eating.

  • Eggs/Egg Whites
  • Fat-Free Yogurt
  • Wheat and Gluten-Free Brown Rice Bread (Food For Life)
  • Coconut Flour (For baking without white or wheat flour)
  • Oatmeal
  • Quinoa
  • Almond Milk
  • Extra Lean Turkey Links (Jennie-O)
  • Shakeology
  • Cytogainer/Optimum Nutrition/IDS protein powder
  • Extra Lean Ground Turkey (Jennie-O)
  • Chicken Breasts
  • Lean Beef
  • Tuna
  • Salmon
  • Brown Rice
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • All Green Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Almonds
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Cashews
  • PB2 peanut butter
  • Tea
  • Sugar-Free Gum (Life saver when you are hungry. I chew gum like nobody’s business!)

I am excited and nervous about this journey. I have always wanted to do it for myself and to inspire others. There are a few blogs that I read on a daily basis and other sources of information that I go to for advice and to share with others who are figure competitors. I will list them here below. I will also start posting my daily eats and workouts and the joyful as well as the painful moments in this journey. Alright…here we go!!!

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  1. Congratulations Viv.

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