Personal Health Intiative Training

*Tuesday side note: Went to spin class in the morning…nothing like getting your butt kicked by a pregnant spin instructor at 5:30 in the morning! LoL!


Circuit One

  • Flat Bench Barbell Press x 20
  • One Arm Rows x 20
  • Military Shoulder Press x 20
  • Bicep Curls x 20
  • Tricep Kickbacks x 20

Circuit Two


Circuit Three

  • Flat Bench Dumbbell Press x 20
  • Seated Row x 20
  • Military Shoulder Press x 20
  • Bicep Curls x 20
  • Tricep Rope Pressdown x 20

Circuit Four


Circuit Five


This morning was a little rushed so I did not get to pack a regular lunch BUT, I managed to avoid McDonald’s! I made a quick shake…takes 1 minute.


Shakeology with tsp of natural peanut butter, half a banana, and unsweetened almond milk.


Mixed Nuts and other half of banana (took 1 minute to throw these in my lunch bag. Time is never an excuse).


Canned tuna with mustard on Arnold 100% whole wheat thin (100 calorie), pre-sliced roll. Zucchini and Squash mixed. 8 oz of orange juice.


Granola bar and mixed fruit


Protein Pancakes: Scoop of cytogainer with four egg whites. I had to eat dinner late so my calorie intake at dinner was not very high. This is a great low-calorie, quick meal to make.

*Today I ate about 2100 calories which is what an active women my age should be eating on a regular basis. You always have the option to eat less one day and more on another but never drop your calories below 1200. If you are trying to lose weight stick to around 1500 calories so you won’t be a ravenous hungry beast at the end of the day. I will eventually include a detailed breakdown of protein, fat and carb intake.

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