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Day 2…I’m in for a fight.

Day 2 of my journey for the goals that were set yesterday. I swear it never fails! Every time you proclaim something great to the universe, opposition immediately shows its ugly head. Negativity seems to have a radar and targets people who want to take on challenging goals. If you are reading this, be prepared! When you make up your mind to do something that most people shy away from, you are in for a world of challenge. If your goal is related to diet and exercise, then the challenge could come in another form. It could be an appointment that ran over into your training session. Or, maybe you forgot your lunch at home and have to decipher between the closest fast food places for lunch. Or it could be a pain in the butt person that always aggravates the hell out of you when you are minding your own business.

Do not let negative people and situations rub off on you! Deal with them, and move on. I know for myself, when I get irritated, I eat…and not the most healthy foods either. Why should I let someone else and their miserable state affect my ultimate goal. Not happening! I worked too hard to get to wear I am to let someone who had nothing to do with my drive and focus, throw me off track. Forget that! I am going to proclaim it again….out loud, here for everyone! I AM GOING TO EAT SUPER CLEAN, and I WILL COMPETE IN A FIGURE COMPETITION in 8 months! Bam! How you like them apples?!

Bring it on. Now I am off to a 1 hr 5:30 am spin class to work on this body and tonight, Zumba for 45 minutes! No weights for me today.

“A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her.”  ~David Brinkley

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