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Week One Down Update/Food

The first week is always the hardest but if you make it through without cheating on your diet, going crazy at work, and being nice to your spouse…you should be good! Lol! It was a little rough because I had some major cravings. Each morning I got up to workout and realized I couldn’t have a granola bar, honey, or any of my usual pre-workout treats. I managed to get by with my chicken, tuna, sweet potatoes, oatmeal (YUMMY) and vegetables. 

I have found a new thermogenic that really helps control my cravings and provides enough energy throughout the day. (MHP Dopamite). My cardio is not full on yet so I’m not exhausted. Starting 16 weeks out allows me more time to lean out so I am not rushing the process. I have already lost 4 lbs which is great! I will weigh again in a few weeks….I am never doing every week again because I refuse to drive myself crazy. Plus the scale does not tell me what my bodyfat percentage is. When I go back to the YMCA, I will have them measure it.

This week’s meals include stewed chicken and tomatoes, tilapia, chocolate protein powder, coconut oil, coconut flour, spinach, kale, cucumbers, oatmeal, grapefruit and sweet potatoes.

Off to a great start!

When You Can’t Stop Thinking About It….Just Do It.

It’s getting close to that time. When I say “that time” I mean competition prep time. It has taken me quite a while to commit to doing another show. I think about it everyday. I fantasize about the routine I will do, I literally see myself on stage in the condition that I want to be in and winning. I know I can do it but I know the dedication that is required to do my best. I have done it before…I have gone on stage in peak condition and I know the type of training and diet that works for me. I psych myself up mentally, get excited, and then I think about the process.

I think about the restriction, the time commitment, and the disappointment that I faced after the last show. But I am better than that. I can’t give up. I work too hard everyday not to give it another shot. When I look at other competitors, I know I can be just as good and even better than them. I have built a good base and I just need to chisel away. So I decided today that I am going to give it another go. Whatever it takes. I’m not going to think about the obstacles that may get in my way, I’m just going to find a way. This is not about winning a trophy, this about redemption.

If you have something you want to do and you can’t stop thinking about it, then that is a sign that you need to do it. The only thing holding you back is your own fear.

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