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On Friday morning, I did not have time to fix my usual breakfast of egg whites and oatmeal. On my way to work I stopped at McDonald’s. I heard previously, that they were going to come out with an egg white sandwich. So, I decided this would be a healthy option. Well….healthier…as healthy as you can get from a fast-food place. I must say that I actually enjoyed it. It was just enough to fill me up but not have me feeling stuffed and groggy. It was a nice combination of protein and carbs. (I also got orange juice which is rare for me but I splurged a bit). Anyway, if you are out, don’t have time, or are on vacation with your family, this would be a decent option for breakfast. Also, if you haven’t noticed, McDonald’s lists the  calories and macronutient content of all of their foods on the drive through menu and the wrappers of the foods. I think that is neat!

Here is the breakdown for the egg white mcmuffin with canadian bacon. 


250 calories: 18 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat, 32 grams of carbs, 800 mg of sodium 

You can make it 180 calories by eliminating the cheese sauce and canadian bacon.

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