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So I think I have finally mastered the mind-muscle connection. When you lift weights it is important to focus on what you are doing. Visualization plays a key role in the movement. This morning I worked on my back. As I pulled the weight down, I made sure I squeezed and really felt the movement. I envisioned the muscles in my back growing and looking the way that I want them to look. It really made a difference in the workout. So many times, we train but we don’t have our minds fully in it. This makes the difference between change and staying the same.

Training is not just physical, it’s mental….and  if you don’t have the connection…you will never change.

How I do it:

I visualize even when I am not training about the exercises I am going to do at the next session.

I remove all distractions from my mind during training. Don’t think about anything else but that moment!

I use music to keep me from thinking about other things.

I see myself the way I WANT to be, not the way I am.

I repeat quotes to myself when it gets tough!

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  1. Wren Mills said:

    I am in Savannah and am considering competing. Am looking for a coach/mentor to help me reach my goals!

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