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$8.00 Cake

I am starting to dream about food! Wow.I had a dream that I was at work and there were people there selling desserts for $8.00. I purchased two big slices of cake and then I woke up! It seemed so real. No one told me that having crazy dreams was going to be a part of this process. I guess I am always thinking about what I can’t have and so it comes out in my sleep. I hardly ever remember my dreams but boy do I remember this one!

Now these weren’t just any slices of cake. They were the most beautiful pieces of cake I had ever seen! And even in the dream I was telling myself I could not have it! I ate it anyway. I am not physic or interpreter of dreams so I have no idea what this means. There are one of two things…I have some repressed issue in my subconcsious…or prepping for this competition is driving me crazy! LOL!


To take care of my sweet tooth I eat fruit with my breakfast in the morning. Today I had half of a banana and sugar-free syrup with my oatmeal and protein shake. It seems to do the trick. :).

Some other things that help calm my craving are:

Sugar free Jello

Diet Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Protein Powder (IDS)

Sugar free gum

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