Personal Health Intiative Training

Thank you JillFit for posting this Wayne Dyer quote on your page this morning. I was just thinking to myself as I woke up that it’s hard doing this alone. Technically, I am not alone, I have a trainer and I have support but when I go to the gym in the morning, I am with myself. You don’t see too many people up at 4am and even fewer people at the gym. The ones that you do see are the faithful few. When you don’t see them, you wonder what happened and why they are not there.

It takes dedication to stick to a major goal. Many people start but few people finish. When others fall off to the side of the road, you have to keep walking. I am pretty sure that this will be worth it when it is all over but it sure is tough. Most people are not training for a figure competition so they don’t really understand the process and why I am doing it. It’s funny how you see what you need to see when you really need a boost. I needed to see that quote so I will keep this in mind today. Keep going the extra mille no matter what…

Life is beautiful so give it your all! You only get one!

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