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Prognosis… Great

We had a health fair at work yesterday which I thought was an excellent idea. I was excited because I have not had a physical in a little while, and it was a great opportunity to see how my training has affected my overall health. Prognosis….excellent! My BMI and BF (Bodyfat %) is in the fitness range. I am not too far from the athletic range! Yay! The nurse noted that the machine did not take lean muscle mass into account when calculating body fat. I got a nice complement from her. She gave me props on my muscles! My work is paying off! My arms have become more toned and I am so proud of myself. I love showing my guns off! Lol! 🙂 (I will post progress pics sometime next week). I also dropped a couple of pounds! I know I am within 5-7 pounds of the weight I want to be for competition. (Although in figure that is not such a big deal as it is in bodybuilding).

My respiration, pulse, cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose are all on point. I am one healthy woman! This makes me prouder than anything else. Yes, I want to have a banging body but I know that the positive result of getting in shape is being very healthy. That is worth more than anything in the world to me and it should be to you too! The competition is just a means to keep me motivated and challenge me to do something that most people will never do.

The physical has really given me the motivation to continue with this journey. I am going to put my results somewhere in the house where I can see them…maybe beside the photographs of figure competitors that I have taped on the pantry! (You need visual motivation sometimes to remind yourself of the  goal).

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