Personal Health Intiative Training


Ok, I have been doing this so long it is like I am on auto-pilot. I wake up in the morning and go do my usual routine before work. A couple of times a week, I get some cardio in after work as well. I just heard from a friend who is lacking the support she needs to stay focused on getting healthy. I know it is hard….especially when most people around you could care less about their health and eating right let alone exercise. Let me share a few things that helped me get through my rough point. I was not always this person who loved to exercise and I did not always eat clean. I was introduced to it and found ways to make it my lifestyle. If you are struggling, try some of these tips to get on track.

  • Change your perspective: We are emotional creatures…especially women. You need to change the way you think about food. Yes, food should be enjoyed and fun to cook and taste good also. But, remember that we eat because it provides nourishment for our bodies and keeps us alive. Food is not something to turn to when you are mad or upset. When you get upset, go for a walk, call a friend, or write in a journal. Substitute your unhealthy habit of emotional eating with something else. You have to have something else to turn to.
  • Seek out support. I am going to tell you know…if your family was not eating healthy before, they won’t do it now! Don’t expect them to want to change their lifestyle and support you with your new choices. It does not always work like that. You cannot force people to do what you want to do. This is not about them, it’s about you. You might even get some people who become jealous or even criticize your new lifestyle so be prepared for that. Joining a gym really helped me. I started taking dance classes and I met a really good friend that way. She and I have the same perspective when it comes to living healthy so I can always turn to her and share my feelings and ideas. I also went online and found a number of websites that I check daily for healthy living tips and encouragement. I signed up for emails so that way when I check my email everyday, the links are in my inbox. I get the Jillian Michaels, Fitness Magazine, Oxygen Magazine, Calorie Count and a few other emails EVERYDAY. It keeps me in tune to my lifestyle.
  • Get a personal trainer. Until you get to the point where you can motivate yourself to get to the gym, hiring a personal trainer might be your best bet. He or she can help to motivate you, even if it is only once or twice a week. You will feel accountable to someone and you don’t want to let them down. They will give you the best advice for working out and eating right.
  • Share your goals with the world. Now this might be a double-edged sword because some people will be negative about your new goal but you will find others who encourage you or who you inspire to get healthy. When you share what you are trying to accomplish, then you will feel accountable to do what you said you were going to do.
  • Read: Read as much as you can about health and fitness and you will become educated very quickly. Immersing yourself in the lifestyle is the only way to stick with it….in the end, you have to love what you do and realize that it is a non-negotiable part of your life.

Here is some motivation for you!


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