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Mother’s Day

Today is mother’s day and even though I don’t have any children and my mother is no longer here, I feel that I try to live my life in the spirit of her on a daily basis. There are times when I get off track, get discouraged or lose focus, but all in all I think she would be proud. Who knows, if she were still here if I would have the same story that I have now, probably not but as they say, things happen in ways that we don’t always understand.

I can’t say that this is my favorite day of the year but I am fortunate enough to know many mothers who inspire me or are like mothers to me. I am blessed in that way. This day just reminds me to keep going even though sometimes it feels that I will never reach my ultimate goal. This whole lifestyle is not always easy. When the world says, “do this or do that, or oh it’s okay, it won’t hurt you,” It feels like you are going against the grain and you are the only one who truly wants to do what is right. When you get pissed off at work or feel like you are just going through the motions, the last thing you want to do is exercise or even eat chicken and salad for that matter. That is when you have to pick yourself up and say that you are better than any negative feeling you may be experiencing at the time. The outside world should not define who you are or what you want to be. If you just do what everyone else is doing, you will be just like everyone else…just here and settling. You can’t become great living like that. If my mother was here, would she allow me to give in to circumstances? No, she would encourage me to keep pushing forward. If I can’t commit to my goals in this…I can’t accomplish anything. I have really come a long way.

So, if you still have your mother, you need to live your life in a way that would make her proud…and if she is no longer on this earth, live in the spirit of her. Does she not deserve that much? Don’t you deserve that much?

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