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Natural What?

Adjective: existing in or formed by nature. Simple enough right? Well maybe not…just ask PepsiCo. Kellogg’s and even Kashi. Lawsuits have been filed against several companies who claim their packaged foods are “natural.” In today’s wall street journal an article discusses the removal of natural labels from several food packages. Companies would rather not take the chance claiming to have natural products if they are not truly natural. Consumers want to know that if a product claims to be natural, that it actually is! Big corporations want to profit from people’s desires to be health conscious but are not willing to actually deliver what they claim.

So this is where you as a knowledgeable consumer come in. Read the LABEL. If a product claims to be natural, that is not a guarantee that it is. The only food you can say is natural for sure are foods you eat in raw form ( but with genetically modified foods now you can’t be certain about that either ).

Look out for artificial ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, foods dyes, hydrogenated oils and artificial sweeteners. The fewer ingredients the better! 

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