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8 Weeks to Go!

I’m at the halfway mark of my competition prep. I started at 16 weeks and I have 8 weeks to go. I am experiencing mixed feelings right now. I am excited because I am seeing changes in my body every week but I am also a bit tired. It seems close and far away at the same time. Now is the time to really focus on my routine and posing and I am bumping up the cardio a bit more to make sure I get as lean as I possibly can in the next 2 months. The diet is going to be pretty much the same but I am not eating anymore oatmeal and I am adding in more vegetables for my carbohydrate sources. I also eat a little bit of sweet potatoes and berries as well as grapefruit, which is the diet I had from my first show. Once in a while I throw in a piece of dark chocolate. This tends to be a more non-traditional approach to a bodybuilding diet but MY body loves it. (And thank you Kelly for showing me that there are other options.) Mentally, I can stand this much better because I have variety.

I am lifting weights and doing half of my cardio in the morning and adding in a second cardio session later in the day. My cardio consists of treadmill sprinting, stairmill intervals, spin class, boot camp, and various cardio classes. My body responds the best to intervals and sprints. These activities allow me to maintain the muscle I have worked so hard for without looking too flat. I have also found that lifting weights in the morning works very well for me. I have tried to do what most people do but that is not really my style. Throughout this whole time, I have done things my way and it is paying off. I just have to keeping pressing toward the mark no matter what situations come my way.

I just have a feeling that this time will be different in a good way. My brother and his wife are coming to see me and I don’t want to disappoint them. When all of this is over, I will be celebrating with a trophy and eating an entire stack of pancakes!! (I would post pictures but I want to surprise you! LoL).



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