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Self Massage

Massage has many benefits. Massaging the muscles can reduce inflammation and reduces levels of cortisol. Massage also helps to improve the range of motion in your body. The reason most people don’t go to massage therapy very often is  due to the cost. It can be very pricey for a one hour session. Although, if you have not tried it, I do recommend going at least one time.

There is a way that you can massage yourself using a foam roller. Foam rollers can be purchased at department stores or online.×6-Inch/dp/B00AMTAC9S/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1370342488&sr=8-2&keywords=foam+roller

After a workout along with your stretching, you use the foam roller to massage your muscles. Below is a chart that shows common exercises. Get your massage on today! See how much of a difference it makes. For further questions, send me an email.


When You Know What Excellence Is…

When you have gone above and beyond and know what true excellence is, you can’t settle for anything less. Lately, I have found myself becoming restless and looking for the next challenge.  I tried to just be average…I can’t. I know my potential. I have gone above and beyond what most people do, and I can’t help but to come back to that challenge.

Are you feeling restless…maybe you need to challenge yourself. Find out what your motivation is and just go with it. Be prepared to motivate yourself…whatever you need to do. At the end of the day, you are the only one who can truly encourage YOU. Don’t settle for less just because everyone around you is willing to settle.

Tips for Staying in the Game

1. Do what makes YOU happy.

2. Immerse yourself in it…read, watch videos, find friends who are fit and healthy.

3. Don’t force your lifestyle on others.

4. Always be prepared…food with you at all times, water bottle, snacks, and workout clothes in the car.

5. Track your macros…how can you lose weight if you don’t know how many calories you are eating and how many you need to eat to lose weight?

6. Form habits…the key to change is consistency.

7. Learn how to say “no”

8. Never apologize for your healthy choices.

Excellence is obtained through persistence…stay at it. Even when you fall down, get back up and try a new way. You are not ordinary, you are EXTRAORDINARY.

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