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7 Month Goals

Lately I have been thinking about my goals. My next competition is in 7 months. I have plenty of time but I can’t slack off too much. What can I work on in the fall and winter? What do I want to improve? Mainly, the things I want to improve can be applied to my training and to everyday life. I want to push harder. I want to lift as heavy as I can. I really think there is so much more potential there.  Though it is hard to lift real heavy without a partner, sometimes I feel like I can do more. I can do more sets if I don’t want to injure myself. When I leave the gym, I want to leave knowing that I gave it my all. It’s very easy for me to push myself more on leg day but other body parts are a little more difficult. What I am going to do now is evaluate everything….nutrition and training and do a little more reading on both of these topics. So here is my plan for the next few months until I start the contest prep again.

  • Focus on weak body parts…triceps, abs, and shoulders
  • Stay in control of my diet (1 or 2 cheat meals a week only)
  • Get plenty of rest (No overtraining)
  • Let nothing (work, schedule) prevent me from training….do it no matter how I feel
  • Prepare EARLY for contest expenses…hair, nails, new suit, supplements, etc….(put money to the side each month in advance)
  • Start prep 14-16 weeks out instead of 12 weeks. Being ready early is better than not being ready on time and allows for adjustments if necessary
  • Block out all negativity and care less about what other people think

So there it is, every morning when I get up and don’t feel like working out, I will remember this list. When times get tough, I will remember this list. When people criticize me, I will remember this list. Stay focused!! I know I always have room for improvement….

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