Personal Health Intiative Training

One more day…

Wow! It has been a long road. I can’t believe I am almost finished with this process. If you would have asked me two years ago,if this is something I would consider doing…I would say “heck no!” I mean who wants to get on a big stage in front of a bunch of strangers in a bikini! ME! The results come from all of the hard work. Man, I have never felt so much pain, been so disciplined with my eating, done so much cardio, and been so challenged in my whole life. People who think this is easy are delusional. Even practing the posing and stage presence are very tough. You have to pose and smile even when you are exhausted! And it burns! LoL. It looks pretty but inside your muscles are screaming. 🙂

I have definitely developed more confidence because I placed myself out there…fear and all. I always wanted to do this for some reason but never thought I had the courage, Fear and doubt crept up the whole time but I could not disappoint myself or the people who are coming to watch!

A few ways I have developed from this process:

  1. I don’t care what people think anymore! I was a pleaser. I always stopped myself from doing things because I cared so much about what other people thought. Preparing for a competition is like going to war. You have to be firm and say “no” to a lot of people for various reasons. This is necessary to stick to your plan. Not to say that I have changed from a giving person but I make sure to look out for myself. I can’t always bend over backwards for other people. People will drain you if you let them. So a piece of advice…DO YOU! Do what you want, fear and all.
  2. Clean eating is actually fun! Lol! I have so many new recipes now because I was forced to find ways to make delicious meals that fit certain protein, fat, and carb requirements. It’s not as bad as you think. I can mix kale with anything now. 🙂
  3. Your body will eventually respond if you just stick to your plan. It took me 12 weeks, that is 3 months, to get results but I had to be CONSISTENT. This means doing all of my cardio sessions, all of my weight sessions and planning, planning, planning. If you plan right you can combat any unexpected situation.
  4. I can’t get mad at what other people do. When you are so restricted, your mind plays tricks on you. Low carb is not easy so there are times when you get really irritable. EVERYTHING is magnified by ten. I really had to learn to control my emotions. Hey, they are not training, I am! 🙂

Alright, I am off to pack my bag for Saturday. Come out and support if you can! 🙂

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