Personal Health Intiative Training

Only Figure Competitors…

1. Eat about 90% of food with their hands and care less who is looking. (I have eaten scrambled eggs, salad, mashed sweet potatoes with my hands! LoL). No fork? No problem! 🙂

2. Eat cold chicken and think it is delicious!

3. Can scarf down a meal in 5 seconds flat.


4. Bake, and cook gourmet meals for thier families and can only dream about eating them.

5. Watch the food network religiously and plan all the meals they are going to eat three months from now.

6. Smell  bread baking a mile away.

7. Stare you down if you dare bring donuts, cake, and cookies within 2 inches from them!

8. Drop EVERYTHING when it is time to eat. (That line can wait! LoL!)

9. Move hell and high water to not miss thier training sessions. (“Oh, boss, I’m feeling a little sick…”).

10. Get in attack mode if they see you place a hand on THEIR food. (Sorry husbands. For twelve weeks you better not touch that protein powder, chicken, or those almonds…unless you want to PAY…deeply).

Oh, the joy of competition!! That is what I call focused.


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