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On the way to work this morning, I was listening to the radio and heard that Whitney Houston has voluntarily put herself back into rehab for crack addiction. Man, I thought Whitney had cleaned her act up. The hosts of the show I was listening to made a comment about the importance of her attending her meetings with fellow addicts that are supposed to keep her on the straight and narrow. They were kidding around a little bit but were a little shocked to learn that she had regressed back to her old habits. One host talked about her cousin that had to attend his weekly AA meetings so he would not go back to his old lifestyle. It is kind of the same concept with any bad habit or addiction that you are trying to get rid of. Once your brain has made the connection of feeling good to a habit that is not so healthy for you, it never forgets. Old habits die hard!

So maybe eating a container of ice cream after you’ve had a stressful day is your habit, or eating too many cookies and candy before you go to bed is your habit, or every time you are down and depressed you go in the kitchen and grab a fattening unhealthy snack. If you have a desire to change, you have to constantly check yourself to make sure you are not falling back into your old habits. Oh my how I wish I could just wave a magic wand and the cravings would disappear and my brain would forget how delectable that chocolate cake is! LoL! Unfortunately, I have to constantly remind myself what the consequences are of over indulging. After a while it becomes automatic to grab a healthy snack instead of an unhealthy one. This may sound extreme, but just like Whitney Houston has to keep herself off the crack and attend her weekly meetings to remind herself that the way she was living was destructive to her health, we have to check in with ourselves to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I say all this to say that it actually takes a CONCIOUS EFFORT to do what you need to do for your body. You have to take the necessary steps or else you will fall back into your old pattern. If that means throwing all the junk food out of your house, then do it. If you have to make sure you eat before you go grocery shopping so you won’t buy up the whole candy aisle…then do it! If you have to carry food with you EVERYDAY…then do it! Remember, this blog is not about doing what everyone else is doing…filling their bodies with junk food every day. It is about living a clean lifestyle that you can do all the time if you choose. Your health is worth it!! It can be done. I know someone personally who has lived this way for years and has kept her health and weight in check. She has inspired me and I see that it can be done.

Remember, anything worth having is worth working for and if you actually work at it on a daily basis, you can learn how to live this way for the rest of your life! Don’t underestimate yourself…you have unlimited power and can live your life anyway that you want to.

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